Saturday, January 19, 2013

T-Shirt mania

I have a lot of T-Shirts to get rid of. Some of them I love intensely, some of them I'm kinda 'blah' about. Some I have worn many times, some once, some NOT AT ALL. Some are from Hot Topic, Wet Seal, Kohl's, Target, etc. They have been folded up and in boxes for over a year- I think that means it's time to cut back.

Since I paid upwards of $15.00 - $20.00 for most of them from, I think I'd like to recoup some monies instead of donating them. Plus, HEY Y'ALL, I'M BROKE. I would NOT be selling a shirt with a dinosaur on it if I didn't need some monies.

 Most are size Large, which, in threadless girly cut translates to Medium. Practically all of them are cotton. What else can I say about T-Shirts? If you like one and want to know more about it, message me. If you want to buy it, get some Paypal together and we'll make it work. Prices will depend on how many you buy. Maybe $5.00 for a single shirt or if you buy three I'll make it $12.00 or some ish like that. Why stop at three? Why don't you BUY THEM ALL, big spender?! I have more to sell but no pictures of them yet, just wanted to see if selling them was even a worthy venture.

 I call this one "Billie Jean"

Eye of the Tiger
It's true.
 Vampire Burlesque

Fast food nation
Whomp whomp whomp?


 "Buddy Jesus"



 Hurley birds

 "Meow factory"

 Pegasus brain-rainbow explosion?

 Graphic skull and roses.

 Oh Ron and your bedroom eyes.

 Alice in A Bad Trip

 Sorry, buddy.